Three Ways to Make Your Gay Ski Weekend the Best Ever

In a previous post, we detailed some of our favorite LGBTQ+ ski weeks and weekends in the country. As we head into the 2018 and 2019 ski season, we’ll begin preparing to make the most of these treasured events. Follow these tips to ensure you have the best, most memorable gay ski weeks of your lives. 


Dress for the weather. While we may be tempted to wear our best, most Pride-centric ski costumes, take a long, hard look at the forecast before heading out. Much of our Pride-related costumes come from summer Pride Month parades around the country. Did you read that? Summer parades. Don’t head out in a rainbow tank and booty shorts if the temperature isn’t conducive to that type of dress. If you absolutely can’t sacrifice your favorite Pride boxers, put on a layer of long underwear under the article you want to display. If it’s too cold to wear your best, gayest outfit, save the glamour for the après-ski drink. You won’t regret it.  


Head off piste. While your local resort may be celebrating Pride, spend some time off piste and exploring the backcountry. Your local mountain community has a lot to offer in terms of snowshoeing and Nordic skiing, and winding your way through the trees is a great way to experience the mountain in a completely new way. 


Sip lightly. When most of us think of our local resort’s gay week, a few things come to mind. Booze is often one of the first three. It’s natural to want to imbibe and indulge during Pride week, but remember that skiing on its own is a dangerous enterprise. Adding alcohol to the mix is a recipe for disaster. To that end, don’t part too hard at night; most of us are up early to ski, and the only thing worse than waking up at 6:00AM on a Saturday is waking up at 6:00 on Saturday with a killer hangover.