Other Ways to Support the LGBT Community

We all love winter Gay Ski Weekends, but sometimes we want to do more for the community than simply donning a pride flag. There are seemingly infinite ways to support LGBTQ+ rights, but some remain more accessible than others. Here is a brief list of low-cost actions to take in the fight for LGBT equality. You might not see any ski weeks in this post, but these simple activities can change lives.


Speak Out Against Bullying

A recent study found that LGBT children and teens experience angst and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) only after experiencing bullying. Bullying and intimidation affect school work, relationships with family and friends, and a person’s relationship with themselves. Speaking up for yourself and LGBT friends is a great way to start the conversation. See anything weird or possibly homophobic happening on the slopes? Call attention to it and try to diffuse the situation.


Register to Vote

If you’re of voting age, registering and heading to the ballot box is one of the easiest ways to make your voice heard. Whether you’re voting for a candidate who supports LGBT rights or voting on a specific referendum or policy proposal, this is an excellent opportunity to voice your concerns, take action, and exercise your democratic rights.


Volunteer for an LGBT Organization

This one is a bit more time-consuming, but it’s exponentially more fulfilling than the first two actions on this list. There are hundreds of organizations designed to promote gay rights and safety, so finding one to suit your schedule, interests, and lifestyle isn’t difficult. Want to keep your LGBT pride and advocacy on the slopes? Ask your local mountain if they’re interested in starting their own Gay Ski Week.


Host Your Own Event

If there aren’t any LGBT advocacy opportunities in your area, start your own! Hold a benefit party at your apartment, or rent out the back room of a bar to start an LGBT meet-up group. If you’re noticing a lack of opportunities, other members of the LGBT community are, too. If your local mountain doesn’t already have a Gay Ski Week, talk with staff members to see how likely they are to start one. Sometimes, businesses and organizations need just a small push to really get the ball rolling.