Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Mammoth?

Mammoth Mountain was founded 50 years ago by Dave McCoy. It was a couple of years ago that Dave sold his family’s stake in Mammoth. 


How cute is the Elevation staff?

Super cute! And dedicated. Our Elevation staff is largely volunteer, and they come back year after year because they love the event. They take off time from work and come up to hang out with you guys. Some of our staff has been here since year 2. (Yes, I’ve been here since year 1.) 


Is Mammoth sunny or snowy?

Both. Mammoth gets over 300 days of sunshine a year and averages 300 to 600 inches of snow each season. 


Where the frak is Mammoth? 

Mammoth Lakes is 300 miles from Los Angeles and 170 miles from Reno. It takes Elevation staff 4.5 hours to drive from LA on caffeine. It’s an easy ride through beautiful country. It’s a one Ambien trip if you’re a passenger, and a five CD trip if you’re not. If you fly from LAX, SFO or San Jose, you can barely turn on your Kindle. It’s only a 45minute flight. 


Isn’t the season almost done in March?

No way. Not even close. Mammoth has stayed open until July 4th on multiple years and typically has one of the longest seasons in North America. 


Is there traffic?

A traffic jam in Mammoth is two vehicles in front of you at the stop light, or a family of five in the lift line. 


Do I have to spend a lot of money?

Nope. Mammoth has a variety of lodging and dining options, from full-service four-star service to inexpensive budget options. 


Am I gonna drink too much? 

Maybe. The alcoholic effect of one drink in Mammoth (average elevation 8,000 ft) equals two drinks in West Hollywood. Based on price, one drink in Mammoth equals one ice cube dipped in cheap vodka in West Hollywood. 


Why do I still feel sick?

Altitude sickness affects one in five visitors to Mammoth and usually subsides after 24 hrs. Stay hydrated! (vodka doesn’t count) 


Are you good at math?

Alcohol plus jacuzzi plus altitude plus lots of boys in the same hot tub equals… my head hurts, I can’t add right now. 


Is Elevation painful?

Learning to snowboard hurts your ego as much as your butt. Snowboarding on virgin powder makes up for every ache and pain ever felt. 


How high will I get at Elevation?

The top of Mammoth Mountain is 11,053′, 2,999′ above the Village. 


Is that hairy thing a girl or a boy?

Woolly, the Mammoth mascot, is a”She 


How big is it? (get your mind out of the gutter)

Mammoth has 3500 plus skiiable acres (inbounds), 150 trails, summit elevation of 11,053 feet, 27 lifts including 3 gondolas and 8 high speed detachable quads.