Commercial Partner: Halloween New Orleans

Mammoth Gay Ski Week is a wonderful event that is put on every year to encourage individuals who are proud of the LGBT scene to experience life. These individuals are able to enjoy the slopes together and experience some of the most fun skiing and snowboarding that is offered. There are a number of events as well throughout the week, including dance parties, ski events, and more for you to experience together as a community. One of the sponsors of the event this year is Halloween New Orleans, and they are sure to help make Mammoth Gay Ski Week a good time for all.

Who are They?

Halloween New Orleans is a nonprofit foundation that was created in the year 1983. In that year, they were developed to help Project Lazarus which assists others who have died from AIDs. They host events one weekend a year including the Lazarus Ball which has a costume party, a Sunday brunch, parades, and much more. This event is meant to fundraise for Project Lazarus, and the focus of the weekend is on love and supporting others together. Halloween New Orleans is actually the largest donor that exists for Project Lazarus throughout the entire country.

What Do They Do?

Halloween New Orleans has been in existence for over 37 years, and in those decades, they have raised over $4.5 million for Project Lazarus. The sole mission of the nonprofit is to fund the project, which is actually a home made for individuals who struggle with AIDs. In funding the house, Halloween New Orleans is able to help give healthcare and other supportive services to the residences who need them. They give 100% of the donations that they make from their event to Project Lazarus, making them one of the only event left that funds just one project.